Ocean View Brewing Open

/ Updated on March 31, 2022

SoDel Concepts has also announced the opening of their second brewpub, Ocean View Brewing Company, located on the corner of Route 26 and Woodland Avenue in Ocean View, Delaware.

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  1. Avatar R J says:

    I agree about the less than healthy choices too and maybe it is a bit noisy but my suggestion is to maybe a different chip for the hummus? It’s yummy but very thick and those wafer thin bagel chips just crumble each time!! Maybe a lavash?

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    We were so looking forward to a restaurant opening up near us- but it is a typical SoDel restaurant- loud & noisy! There is no separation between bar & eating area, you can barely hold a conversation, if you wanted to have a quiet conversation, this is not the place. Why not put a glass wall up between dining and bar area to cut down on noise? Not everyone here is 20 years old and likes a loud atmosphere! This is set up very similar to Matt’s Fishcamp – went to one in Fenwick and won’t go back – too loud and no I am not 70 years old!

    For the menu – fatty, fatty, fatty! Do you not think some people want to eat healthy? Even the vegetarian dish was tempura fried! One vegetable on the sides, but you can get macaroni salad, French fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips…..How is your cholesterol doing?
    You can’t get a single cheeseburger- it has to be a double…salmon s corn crusted, pork meatloaf with scrapple gravy – do you like bacon with your bacon??? And the bartender did not know how to make a Manhattan – fortunately they did have the dark cherries and not maraschino! Will be awhile before we come back, we will give you a few months and hopefully your menu will change – some of us like to go out to eat, but want some healthier choices.
    On the positive note – management was great!

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