Milton Fox Hole OPEN

/ Updated on March 14, 2020

Kristen Latham & Partners' full-service restaurant, the Milton Fox Hole is officially open for business!

The menu is about small plates, tapas, etc. Expect that to change as she readjusts the location of her Dough Bar (currently in her Suburban Farmhouse/shabby chic shop/bakery/pizza joint next door to the new restaurant). Kristin got rid of the big, imposing booths that were in the corner spot there at Federal and Union and opened it up with tables that can be rearranged to accommodate parties of various sizes. A VERY smart move in that small space.

The Fox Hole is at 103 Federal Street, where Leo Cabrera opened his satellite location of Modern Mixture (now Nuevo Taco in downtown Rehoboth Beach), followed by Robert Leggett's Cantina Ultima/Dead Pig Tavern – now the stuff of history.

We will post a menu as soon as a link appears somewhere.  At the moment, The Fox Hole's off-season hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 4 – 10.

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  1. Avatar The Scam Artists says:

    So the owner sold gift cards and now will not refund them after the place closed. She hasn’t paid her employees and knew they building was sold in February 2022 and closed their doors in May 2022. Isn’t this interesting?

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