Back Porch Changes Hands

/ Updated on April 30, 2020

As of just a few weeks ago, Back Porch Cafe owners Keith Fitzgerald and Marilyn Spitz no longer own the landmark eatery. Longtime employees Dmitry Shubich and Aksana Voranova have purchased the restaurant.

That’s the good news. Even better news is that Keith and Marilyn will remain on staff as, in Keith’s words, “facilitators and advisors.” Things get even better: Mixologist Bee Neild will remain at his post behind the bar, and Executive Chef Tim McNitt will remain in the kitchen. Everything is in place to ensure that the ownership change will be seamless.

The Back Porch Cafe is one of Rehoboth’s longest-lived fine-dining destinations.

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  1. Avatar Patricia McAuley says:

    Now, if only its season was longer! Love Back Porch.

  2. Avatar Suzanne Goode says:

    Wonderful news as BPC is perfect just as it is. Chef Tim’s riff on peanut sauce over angel hair pasta is some of the best Asian cuisine I’ve had. The Continental fare here is world class. So glad to hear that affable Keith and Bee remain in the house after this transition.

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