Ledo’s OPEN in Bethany

/ January 31, 2024

Maryland Pizza icon Ledo's just opened a location by the new Hocker's Market at 699 Bethany Loop where Fred Hudson and Cedar meet.

Early returns indicate that they are as true to the recipe as the Ledo's in OC!

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  1. Avatar Barbara Piper says:

    The new Bethany Ledo’s may be true to the OC recipe, but in my experience none of the franchises is true to the original Ledo’s recipe.

  2. Avatar Han Aydinel says:

    I went to their grand opening yesterday and yes, the pizza was true to the taste of the original Ledo Restaurant in Adelphi Plaza we remember from decades ago! They must have had 8-10 corporate trainers there overseeing operations on opening day to insure they got off to a good start- {it worked!}. I chatted with the new owner and was happy to hear their family already operated multiple other Ledo locations. A great new option in Bethany Beach.

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