Starboard CLAW on track

/ Updated on April 10, 2022

The Rehoboth Foodie is pleased to be one of the first to tell you that the old Hammerheads in Dewey beach will become Starboard CLAW late in summer 2022! Steve “Monty” Montgomery and his partners have purchased the property across from the original Starboard, and will feature Bethany Blues' ribs & brisket, Chicken Ed's legendary fried chicken and, of course, steamed crabs. They will be the only hardshell crab joint in Dewey. At least for now………..

The applications/permits are still in process and hopefully all will be well!

More info to follow!

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  1. Avatar Pat says:

    Woody’s is still exactly where it was and I hope will always be there……..

  2. Avatar Pat says:

    Rt 1 is so weird. A restaurant that you think is “Rehobeth” and really “Lewes”. It must have something to do with the post office ??? Whenever something says Lewes, I just figure it’s in the middle of Rt 1 between Reho and Lewes!

  3. Avatar debbie says:

    What happened to Woody’s famous for their CRAB CAKES, did they leave Dewey? You said Starboard Claw will be the only Crab place in Dewey????

  4. Avatar JOHN DEHART MURPHY says:

    Well -I’m interested! I’ve got crab cakes…on my mind….

  5. Avatar Michael says:

    Hopefully Ed’s fries as well, they were the best !!

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