The Hammock Looks Northward

/ Updated on January 10, 2018

In spite of the hysterical attempts of non-local “news” organizations to scoop the Rehoboth Foodie on local restaurant happenings, LaVida Hospitality's Crooked Hammock is CONSIDERING adding a second brewpub to Middletown, Delaware. It is NOT a done deal as breathlessly reported elsewhere.

If everything goes through, and all the hoops are jumped through, and all the numbers are right, the possible opening date would be early 2019 and the proposed site is adjacent to the Grotto Pizza and the Holiday Inn on Auto Park Drive in Westown.

Managing partner Rich Garrahan tells The Rehoboth Foodie that they are considering a 7000 sq. ft. facility that will seat around 175 patrons. Like the popular Lewes installation, it might feature a screened outdoor dining/bar area. And also like the Lewes facility, a brewing facility is proposed.

More details on the way IF they decide to do this.

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