Zagat & The Foodie

/ August 5, 2017

Members and contributors to international restaurant reviewer Zagat sent The Rehoboth Foodie their top ten picks for the Coastal Region. The Foodie filled them in on the details – and made a couple of suggestions of his own.

Some of Zagat's top ten restaurants for 2017 are included in the Zagat article linked below. (Of course, we all know that there are waaayyy more than 10 great eateries around here, so The Foodie will help keep Zagat in the know!)

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  1. Avatar Sherri Close says:

    It was only a matter of time before Zagat figured out who to speak with about restaurants! Michelin is next!

    Way to go Mr. Foodie! But we already knew you were fantastic!

    Sherri B.
    Long time Foodie Fan

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