Buttery Restaurant Sold

/ Updated on August 28, 2016

Co-owner Twain Gonzales has just announced that the Buttery Restaurant in Lewes, founded and operated for so many years by him and John Donato, has been sold to Wilson Gates of The Gate House, also in Lewes. Word is that the Gates' plan to keep everything pretty much as it is now, making changes over a period of time. Wilson, an accomplished chef in his own right, will be taking over the cooking duties at The Buttery.

Good luck, Wilson, Gretchen and all the Gates family. And John and Twain, you guys will be missed.

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  1. Avatar Laurie says:

    I hope the Gates family keeps a good happy hour selection on the menu! We enjoyed happy hour on the porch. Downtown Lewes needs to keep good restaurants in town and offering a nice happy hour does just that. Good luck!

  2. Avatar Karen O. says:

    I hope that they will repair the peeling paint on the ceiling and walls of the dining room. I used to love taking guests there, but now always request the veranda because the dining room has fallen into such a sad state it looks like they had water damage that they never cared to fix.

  3. Avatar Leslie Beall says:

    I thought something was going on. The Buttery was always our go to place for a great meal guaranteed. Went there for my husbands birthday on June 8. Very disappointing meal, and service. Instead of posting here, I sent an email to them, but never received a reply. I hope it returns to the Buttery we could depend on for excellent food an service.

    • Avatar GARY M. says:

      I had a similar experience when we went for the last Thursday night Colby Berger
      and was served very old and burnt onion rings …….and the service was very slow.
      Wrote to The Buttery and I did not get an answer …wrote and resent and still no answer…guess that is why the sold the place …could not keep up with bad emails,and it’s bad because we live here and like to go the local places when they need us….gary

  4. Avatar barbara dorsey says:

    I think the Gates are wonderful restauranteurs and will prosper in this location! Pumped!

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