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/ Updated on January 13, 2020

After about a year of renovations, stops, starts and the like, the old Goodfellas Pizza spot at 122 Mulberry St. in Milton has finally lit up as Tequila Real, a Mexican-themed tequila-centric restaurant! The owners are related to a family that runs Plaza Tolteca in California, Maryland. If you live near Lexington Park and the Patuxent Naval Air Station you probably know this place.

Jose Herrera, Ignacio Herrera, Jesus Herrera and Paulo Vargas make a special point to ask me to post a “thank you” to Miltonites who have been packing their restaurant since they opened. But there's a reason for that … the food is good! We've been there several times, and have been quite pleased every time. We have been lucky enough to be waited on by none other than Maggie Acevedo. They did not roll back any of the flavor of their food. There are several Mexican places that have opened over the last couple of years where the food looks great on the plate, but has no taste. That is not the case at Tequila Real. The flavors are up front and work together nicely. It's a Mexican restaurant, for goodness' sakes, and it should taste like one.

Scroll through the gallery to get a sneak peek at a few of the dishes and the menu!

My current Rehoboth Foodie pick hit at Tequila Real is the strikingly flavorful Burrito Degollado. This bigger-than-your-head feast is stuffed with a beautifully spiced chorizo, shredded chicken and sauteed onions and green peppers. It is topped with the restaurant's creamy queso. This one is a challenge, but you know you're up for it!

Another tasty surprise is the hibiscus soft drink. Think cranberry meets acai – it's quite nice and the acidity stands up perfectly to the savory tastes of the Mexican food. We especially like the guac. It's chunky (a good thing) and obviously made fresh. The hint of lime (to keep it bright green and fresh) was a value added. The interior of this waterside space has been completely transformed from when it was the rather ramshackle Goodfellas. Regulars tell me they did not recognize the place.

Special Thanks to my friend Jerry Pirrung for the menu shots!

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  1. Avatar Lisa Meade says:

    I just love your reviews! I’m a foodie too

  2. Avatar Bev & George says:

    We love Tequila Real and are so happy to have you here in Milton! We LOVE your guacamole and order it “to go” all the time, especially for entertaining friends at home. However, we ordered 2 containers to go last Friday and were disappointed for the very first time. The containers were only 2/3 full, with guacamole that was bland and full of bland tomatoes. PLEASE don’t change your guacamole recipe or the quality of it! Charge more if you have to, but please return to the original delicious recipe we all love and fill those containers! Thanks!!!

  3. Avatar CAROLYN BAYNES says:

    second time I’ve eaten here and second time a disappointment. Food mediocre at best….Drinks had very little alcohol….However, They did comp my friends dinner since it was inedible! Sorry to say I won’t go back!

  4. Avatar Laura Balback says:

    This place is absolutely amazing!!! Great service, great food, and great margaritas!!!! Not to mention the manager, Thomas….. he really makes all the customers feel welcomed!!!

  5. Avatar Melissa says:

    We are there with another couple before heading to the Milton Theater and it was WONDERFUL! Everything was fresh and service was very quick. Even the house margaritas were good. We tried the Horchata for the first time and were in heaven. Prices were very reasonable as well. We’ve found our happy hour spot!!

  6. Avatar Sue says:

    My family and I have eaten there on 4 occasions now.. EACH TIME there has been lots of FLAVOR, FRESHNESS & GOOD SERVICE had by all! Caution to get there early as the place becomes PACKED! That’s always a Good Sign. Milton Needs This. Hasn’t been booming since it was Norma Jane’s, God Bless her!

  7. Avatar Sam Reklaw says:

    Three if us ate there on Saturday 11/30/2019. I had the chicken street tacos. The chicken was minced and there was as much minced onion as chicken. It was very dry. I had to put salsa and guacamole on them to give them flavor. We asked for no tomato in the guacamole. It had much too much lime juice and no other flavor. Another friend had a chicken burrito which had some tough pieces of chicken. The salsa was watery and seemed like it was just a can of diced tomatoes out if a can. No other flavor. I would go again to give them another chance but I wasn’t impressed with what we had.

  8. Avatar Pat says:

    The handicap parking is on a slope far away from the front door. Too far away for me to be able to visit restaurant. Also there are two huge trucks blocking the front door view by the handicap ramp. They are there everyday. They are most forbidding for a restaurant entrance, looks like a biker dive. Since I could not walk in, I had my friend go in for takeout, food was just ok. After all the wait, extremely disappointing.

  9. Avatar Helen Lockwood Camenisch says:

    We are anxiously awaiting its arrival. We love Mexican food, and Tequila Real sounds so interesting. I’ll have a margarita and guacamole….all other foods just are a plus!!

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