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Irish Eyes (Milton)

/ Updated on May 26, 2014

How nice to get a Tanqueray and tonic for only 5 bucks! And a big one at that. I guess that's one of the perks of venturing off the beaten path (the “beaten path,” of course, being Baltimore, Wilmington and Rehoboth avenues). The newly renovated Irish Eyes in Milton is one of a pair of eateries, the other one overlooking the canal in Lewes. Make no mistake, however: This is bar food (albeit creative) at reasonable prices, lots of beer neons and TVs on the wall. One value-added at the Milton location is the old exposed-brick building and time-worn hardwood floors. Very “old-town.” Very “Set me up with another Pabst (or Guinness).”

I used to trek all the way to Louisville, Kentucky to get fried pickles (well, I did some other things there, too). Irish Eyes does their fried pickles differently. Rather than the round “chips” that are breaded and deep fried, they do the same thing with a pickle spear. If you've never had a fried pickle (shame!), go for it. What's the worst that can happen?

We ordered the “Thursday Wings” (a special on 10 or 20 wings–they're OK). Several of the more creative appetizers include the Cucumber Bruschetta (kind of a deconstructed tzaziki sauce on crispy toast points), the Irish Nachos (fries tossed with ranch and cheese–very European) and a cheesy Quesadilla (add chicken or crab for a few bucks more). My favorite salads are the Walnut Bleu Cheese topped with the standard raspberry vinaigrette and the basic but fresh Irish Eyes Home Salad with greens, tomatoes, red onion and cucumbers.

Do note that Irish Eyes often rotates items on and off the menu. So some things might not be there, but there will also be new stuff.

The “bar style” entrees are the things to get at Irish Eyes. The Bangers and Mash feature a particularly delicious sausage…almost Italian, but without the heat. The mashed potato component is buttery and creamy. A side of peas and cabbage tops off this very Irish staple. The Shepherds Pie offers up a particularly savory ground beef base, slathered with those buttery mashers. The Beef and Guinness Stew leaves no doubt as to the beer element, and the fun bread bowl lets you clear your plate…literally. I've received a number of emails suggesting I try the Classic Burger, so I finally gave in last week. It's big (1/2 pound), and came out of the kitchen cooked just the way I ordered it. I would have liked it with a softer, more absorbent roll. The roll was fresh, but firm like a brioche. Too firm, in fact, to properly envelop a burger without the patty shooting out the other side and putting somebody's eye out. A softer, more pliant roll, please?

I subbed onion rings for the fries and was not sorry: The crispy beer batter really worked on the thin onion slices. Several dining companions ordered the Soft Shell Crab BLT topped with a Chesapeake aioli (Old Bay) and loved it. The fried crab and the bacon play very well with one another. One of my faithful Foodies-in-Waiting loves the Cuban Panini. This sandwich features an almost-sweet ham, smokey pork, cheese, pickles and all the other requirements of a proper Cuban (the kicker is the crispy pressed ciabatta roll). In the same vein, do try the Reuben. Grilled crispy on the outside, with tangy corned beef inside, my only gripe is that they should slice the corned beef thinner. The fat cap on the brisket is moist and delicious, but much easier to negotiate when cut paper-thin. Another dining companion likes to order things he thinks are “diet,” then complain about them. What did he expect? This happened with the Turkey Burger–so govern yourself accordingly.

It's hard to go into Irish Eyes and not get some of the Pick o' the Irish goodies or the Classic Sandwiches. It's just that kind of place.

The Irish Eyes in Milton is located at 105 Union Street in an old brick storefront. They have regular specials, including, as of this writing, $5 Oysters on the Half Shell, various bruschettas, etc. They also feature entertainment on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, not to mention $1.25 PBRs every day.

Give 'em a call to see what's going on (302) 684-8889. Click here to see what's going on right now. (L., D., Bar). Price range: Moderate .

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  1. Avatar Robertine Cale says:

    I had friends come to Iris Eyes for lunch. There were 12, 71 year old black women who were treated very nicely by the waitress. There was an issue with the food (over cooked burger, and seafood). The topper was a fiy in the peanut butter cheese cake. I asked the manager to take the food off the food of that customer’s bill ( of the women with the cheese cake) and she refused. This person had the cheapest meal ( steamed shrimp, a bowl of soup and the cheese cake). The manger was rude. Did not look or act very porfessional, sloppy dresser.

  2. Avatar BJ Young says:

    I go to both Milton and Lewes Irish Eyes and always have enjoyed my food and the service. If you haven’t been there in a while I suggest you do.
    I love Lewes and that is where I most of the time at least once or twice a month.
    I also arrange luncheons for various organizations and IE has always been a winner.

  3. Avatar sam reklaw says:

    Went there recently for lunch. I have not had good luck there with their food. I only went because friends wanted to go. This time was no execption. I was afraid to order anything but decided “How could they ruin wings”? Well they did. I got the Honey Terriyaki wings. They were not crisp, in fact they tasted “old and chewy”. They were also swimming (no exaggeration) in something that smelled and tasted like cough syrup. Well again I say, ” I can’t find anything good at Irish Eyes in Milton”. I wish they could get their act togther. I live in Milton and would love to frequent this place but not with such bad food.

  4. Avatar Dianne says:

    We love the Milton location! My husband and I took my brother and his partner there on a Sunday night and had a great time. All 3 men had the soft-shell crab BLT, which they loved. And, even though it was not on the menu, our AWESOME waitress got the cook to make me the Cuban Panini. That item should never come off the menu, in my humble opinion. I also loved the Irish nachos and the fact that I could get a Killian’s Red. We will definitely return to this location.

  5. Avatar Steve says:

    The food is not bad, BUT plan an evening for dinner. Service is beyond slow. We have tried probably 15 times and on one o two occasions had prompt service and a reasonable wait time for food. We live in Milton and all of the neighbors we have talked to have had the same experience. We have e-mailed them several times with promises of improving the service with no results. Unfortunate–we’d love to go there again.

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