Upper Crust: Sneak Peek

/ Updated on May 30, 2016

Blink and you'll miss it. The Upper Crust is a tiny storefront directly across Rt. 9 (East Market Street) from the main entrance to 1 The Circle – the Sussex County Courthouse in Georgetown, DE. Just look for the bail bonds place and Upper Crust is right next door. I found that quite convenient. They feature Panache coffee (fair trade/organic), Twinings teas, and claim to purchase their ingredients from local producers. Makes sense, and it's often less expensive than buying prepackaged foods in bulk.

Upper Crust offers a selection of coffees, including espresso and a frozen treat they call The Avalanche. That one really sounds good. I had just a regular skim latte, and I have to tell you that this coffee is powerful! Halfway down Rt. 9, I felt like I could have returned for seconds by flying under my own power. I'm going back for the Avalanche. I had the tuna salad wrap (you can see it in the gallery) with my latte, and it was quite fresh, served with a little fruit medley that included grapes and pineapple. I have to try the chicken salad and see if it measures up to you-know-who, also in Georgetown.

I love the whimsy of the menu! The “Prosecution Presentation” contains such delights as “Here Comes da Judge” bran muffin and the “Law Clerk's Danish.” Even more fun is the “Defense Presentation” with lunch favorites including “The Common Plea” sandwich (a BLT on ciabatta), “The Superior,” (chicken salad on a ciabatta) and the “The Jury's Back” salad (greens with cukes and ‘shrooms). I don't want to give away all the surprises, but the menu is an amusing and entertaining read. By the way, Tuesdays and Fridays are sticky bun days. Unfortunately I was there on a Friday, but the sticky bun photo on their website suggests another westward trek to the Sussex County seat might be required.

The Upper Crust is open 7-3 on weekdays only. You can check their hours by calling 302-856-2300. Follow Upper Crust on Facebook.

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  1. Avatar J.M. says:

    As someone who works within walking distance to this establishment, I have found the Upper Crust to be one of my least favorite places to eat. The phone etiquette and in-store customer service has been poor; once I went over to get something and was told the credit card machine was broken (no sign on the door or indication before i ordered), and that i would have to walk across the circle to get cash from the bank. None of the desserts have been fresh or even that good Dry, overly sweet cakes and stale and freezer-burnt tasting carrot cake muffin tops. Lunches have also not been stellar – the Mexicali salad is decent but for the same price you can get once twice the size from that ‘other place in Georgetown’ 😛 Walk up the street a little more and go to Caruso’s for the best price pizza lunch special in town, or get in the car and go to South Bedford St. where you will be treated right.

    • Avatar J.M. says:

      Upper Crust has been taken over by the All Rise Cafe. My coworkers and I have been there twice so far and could not be happier. The owner husband and wife pair are just the nicest people you could find, and the food has been great! We’ve had the chicken bacon ranch wrap, guacamole and blue corn chips (daily special) and the bacon mac and cheese (another daily special – true love right there!) and banana pudding. Come back to Georgetown, Foodie, and give All Rise Cafe a try. 🙂

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