Jalapeno Restaurant

/ Updated on June 16, 2017

It doesn't get much more informal than Jalapeno Restaurant. This tiny storefront on Rt. 9/404  just east of The Circle in Georgetown presents itself as a carryout that just happens to have a few mismatched tables from 1970s kitchens past. And that's part of the charm. Well, that, and the numerous handwritten dry-erase menu boards scattered throughout. So the process is easy: You stroll in, stake a claim on a table (the front window tables are fun and you can watch the interesting mass of humanity milling about the courthouse), peruse the dry-erase artwork to decide what you want (feel free to gawk at others' orders, if you dare…), then walk up to the counter and give your order to the smiling owner behind the register. He is very helpful and is happy to help with any translation issues re the selections.

Then you grab a bag of chips, a soft drink and you park yourself until your name is called. My favorite dish there is the chimichanga. Basically a fried burrito, it stands up to any chimichanga I've ever had at any price. The enchiladas are also quite good in their soft flour tortillas and surrounded by creamy cheese and frijoles refritos. Scroll through the galleries and take a look at the other selections. For such a small place they sure have a lot of goodies on the menu. Word on the street is that the cheesesteak is a sleeper. I have not tried it. Have you? Share your thoughts below.

By the way, there are lots of little Mexican and Hispanic eateries tucked in and around Georgetown. Do you have a favorite? Post a comment.

Jalapeno restaurant is at 111 Market St. in the Sussex County seat of Georgetown. You can call them if you must: 302-855-9799. I did not rate the restaurant because I haven't been there enough times. But both of my experiences were very good, with particularly helpful and friendly smiles behind the register. So govern yourself accordingly.

See their website here.

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  1. Avatar Victoria says:

    Hidden in a nondescript storefront, with a name that screams “chain restaurant!”, this has quickly become a favorite of ours. Every menu item we have ordered is quickly brought (hot) to the table and is some of the best Mexican food we’ve had. And I love the yellow rice instead of the much more common red rice served in Mexican restaurants. A definite winner. 🙂 Must get around to trying their breakfasts, too…

  2. Avatar Steve Kiibler says:

    Hidden jewel

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