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/ January 23, 2024

Brothers John and Phil Lambrinos work together to keep Nori Sushi Bar & Grill (in Gold Coast Mall at 114th St. Bayside) at its highest potential. Some of you who have visited Flying Fish in Fenwick Island might remember John Lambrinos busily rolling sushi alongside owner Barry Kruemmel. John and Phil have since taken over the old Flying Fish spot and will reopen sometime in April '22 as Yuzu Sushi. There is virtually unlimited parking at both locations.

The NORI menu is quite extensive given the size of the place. Of course their 34 different rolls take center stage, and you will see a sampling of some of them in the gallery. Such names as “The Tsunami,” “The Spider Pig,” “The Vegas Roll on Fire,” and “The Tanker” make for fun ordering. But they also have very good wings (crispy in spite of the tasty sauces), a selection of five salads and entrees that include Lamb Chops and some of the best grilled octopus I have had in a long time. Several sandwiches include a Spicy Soft Shell BLT and Blackened Tuna Steak. I do have to point out one of the stars of the “small plates” column: The Flash-Fried Avocado  topped with a delicious crabmeat mix. The avocado is coated in tempura batter that is light and crispy. The whole thing quite literally melts in your mouth!

In addition to the rolls, they have a nice selection (13 to be exact) of nigiri and sashimi, plus a fish carpaccio platter and various combos. By the way, I love Sapporo and Kirin Ichiban brews, and they have both!

I have some pretty good photos in the gallery, so scroll through. John is an accomplished chef, and his brother Phil keeps the bar sparkling at the front of the room.

ANd don't forget to check out their mother's new spot right next door, Sophia's Italian Restaurant! Review and photos on the way.

See the Appetizers/Sides MENU HERE. And you can even take a look at the Sushi/Sashimi selection HERE.

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  1. Avatar Steve Chmielewski says:

    Actually, I don’t remember John “rolling” alongside Barry, ever, and we have lived within 300 yards of that place for 23 years. As Flying Fish, I probably ate there with my family at least 100 times. Maybe he was there at some point, IDK. But he certainly was not there for a long or memorable time, unlike Lucas Bostaph at Cocolo in Bethany. Cocolo is our “go-to” sushi place in all of SoDel these days. I have to say, I have met more people who say they worked under Barry, that I don’t recognize than any other establishment. A very sad ending.

  2. Avatar nhTlyIWKzu says:


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