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/ Updated on January 8, 2021

As if full-time Wor-Wic CC culinary professor Paul Suplee didn't have enough to do, so he is also the head chef and owner of Boxcar 40 restaurant in Pittsville, MD. Yes, that's a bit out of my normal range here at, but his restaurant came to my attention because, as of this writing, he just opened a second in the series, Boxcar on Main in Berlin, Md. And I do write about places in Berlin, Md. As a single dad of 4 kids, this guy is the Energizer Bunny if there ever was one. And he has a sense of humor to boot – evidenced by The Jackass Burger on his menu (huge burger with bacon & egg – add crab dip and a fried tomato). The description of his Shrimp & Grits (quite good, by the way – see 'em in the gallery) asks the question, “What American restaurant in their right mind wouldn't [serve shrimp & grits]!?” It's hard to keep grits from turning into cement, but Paul has managed to keep his cheesy and moist. The grilled shrimp are a nice touch, along with peppered bacon bits sprinkled here and there.

On our first visit, I simply had to get the Boxcar Burger (the burger is my first-time go-to for restaurants like this). Paul's own chuck/brisket/short rib blend makes the patty. Toppings include your choice of bacon, a fried egg, crab dip and bacon jam for a nominal upcharge. You can even get a gluten-free bun if you suffer discomfort from some level of celiacs.

In addition to the fried pickles, Boxcar 40 is known for its rotating selection of deviled eggs. On the night we were there, the “Eggs of the Devil” du jour was a topping of chicken salad. Sort of a before/after presentation of the precious pullet. Paul is a BBQ maniac, and owns several very cool devices to that end. One is his pressure smoker that allows him to smoke meats in a shorter amount of time. I had his pork ribs and they were just as good as I'm used to.

Unusual sides top off the menu with garlic-infused kale, pan-fried green beans and of course those cheezy grits as a side. See the entire MENU HERE.

Boxcar 40 isn't all that far away. If you live in Millsbor0 (about 2o min from Rehoboth), you are about 20 minutes from the restaurant. Just continue out Rt. 24/30, cross over the MD/DE line, and Boxcar 40 is about 7-8 minutes away at 7456 Gumboro Rd. (Rt. 24/30). If you're going to make the short trip, be sure to call them for their hours! (410) 835-5503.

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