Irish Eyes Lewes (vegetarian review)

/ Updated on May 30, 2014

Outdoor seating at area restaurants is not as prevalent as I'd like it to be, so one of my favorite reasons to go to Lewes location of Irish Eyes is the huge covered deck right on the canal. It's a perfect place to be in the summertime; watching the boats while wining and dining. Irish Eyes marks their vegetarian items on their menus with a four leaf clover symbol – aren't we the lucky ones?! Yes indeed, as there are fourteen “clover” items on the lunch menu alone.

In the soup category, there's the Tomato Bisque which can be purchased by the cup, bowl or bread bowl. It can also be combined with the nicely assembled Grown Up Grilled Cheese which includes cheddar, American and pepper jack cheeses on sourdough bread. My favorite item on the menu is an appetizer known as the “Almost Famous” Cucumber Bruschetta. This delightful departure from the standard includes diced cucumbers, feta, dill, Havarti cheese and shallot oil served with balsamic drizzled toast points. It's been a crowd pleaser every time I've ordered it.

The fried pickles, however are simply the star of the show. Crazy, right? The first time I had these was in a restaurant in Sanibel Island where they served slices of large deli style pickles dipped in a thin batter and fried. Here at Irish Eyes the pickles are quartered and served with a wonderfully crisp, crunchy batter and a side of Sriracha mayo (mayonnaise combined with Sriracha chili sauce, duh). Everybody loves 'em!  Other vegetarian apps include Fried Artichokes (served with a roasted red pepper aioli), Cheesy Nachos, Quesadilla, Onion Rings and Irish Nachos (French fries tossed in ranch dressing with mixed cheeses and scallions).

Under the Salad category we have the Irish Eyes Home Salad (sounds so much nicer than the “House” salad, don'cha think?) and the Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad served with raspberry vinaigrette. They list the Caesar as vegetarian but do note that the dressing does contain anchovy oil. The Spinach Salad with spinach, almonds, cranberries, red onion, and egg could easily be ordered sans bacon, as could the Wedge BLT.

They offer a veggie burger here which can be dressed up with numerous cheeses, mushrooms, fried onions or roasted red peppers. Also in the sandwich category is the Grown Up Grilled Cheese mentioned earlier which comes with a cup of the tomato bisque. On the entree side there's a Vegetarian Shepherds Pie which is pure, unadulterated comfort food including mashers, alfredo sauce, melted cheeses and fresh chef's vegetables. It's disgustingly delicious and so rich I can never make it through a whole serving. Last but not least is the Mediterranean Pasta with fresh spinach, red onion, tomatoes, black olives, wild mushrooms and feta cheese tossed in a garlic and olive oil sauce over linguini.

Click here for a look at the menu. Irish Eyes has another location in Milton – but you can't beat dining on the deck in Lewes!

Deb Griffin

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has been a vegetarian for 45 years. "I have been very pleased to see restaurants offering more and more options for meatless dining. We've gone from one vegetarian item on most menus (the faithful grilled cheese) to restaurants whose entire menu is vegetarian. Together we'll explore all that the beaches have to offer." View all articles written by Deb Griffin

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  1. Avatar Momma Mia says:

    I loved reading your vegetarian reviews. It gives me hope. And adds a number of restaurants that I wouldn’t have tried. However, if you take the cheese out of the realm of possibilities, the options diminish. Vegan plates would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Avatar Deb Griffin says:

    Lenny – Nage is on my list to review… stay tuned. I’m glad you went to Irish Eyes after all – fun place, fun food. Thanks for your comments! Deb

  3. Avatar Lenny says:

    My wife and I just read the Foodie review of Irish Eyes and clicked on your review. We would have never gone there (my wife is, as the foodies says, a veggiehead) if you hadn’t picked out the veggie stuff.
    We are thinking of Nage on vegetarian mondays. Are you reviewing that one? My wife and I would love to get your opinions. She loves your writing.

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