Fins Fish House & Raw Bar (vegetarian review)

/ Updated on June 16, 2017

There are several restaurants here at the beach that really do not cater to vegetarians, but are definitely worth the visit. One such place is FINS (aka FINS Fish House and Raw Bar). I truly believe this is the Rehoboth equivalent of Cheers.  I love this place… but dahlink…you must sit at the bar. I have met more people, done more business, made more friends, introduced two people who started dating and got married recently (I kid you not) at this bar than you can possibly imagine. I am serious!  I met Tom G., and several months later met Peg S. I introduced them … and they got married. I've sold homes for people who I've met here … and the list goes on. Enough about the socializing – you're here for the food, right?

Like I said, somewhat a challenge for vegetarians. But I love a challenge. On rare occasions, the soup is vegetarian. Don't be afraid to ask. If it truly is vegetarian, it will be exquisite. The kitchen here is consistently good and the prices are very reasonable. The only veg appetizer is the bruschetta. Not bad, but you must LOVE garlic cause baby it's loaded!  You cannot order the chicken quesadilla without chicken because they are pre-made. Salads are good but do not a meal make. Order the Baby Wedge or the Chopped Salad without bacon. The latter is my favorite because they make their own buttermilk ranch dressing and it rocks!  FINS House Salad is also excellent with mixed greens, toasted pine nuts, dried cranberries and gorgonzola cheese tossed with a homemade whole grain mustard vinaigrette. No adjustments necessary.

I often order a trio of sides and call it dinner just so I can sit at the bar and chat with everyone. There's garlic mashed potatoes, cole slaw, mac & cheese (yummy), wild rice blend, shoestring fries, spicy grits, chunky applesauce and the daily vegetable. If the daily veggie is broccoli, order it. Exquisite. We all cheer when we hear it's the veggie o' the day.

Other options are the pasta dishes. They will make any of these vegetarian for you upon request. I also frequently order off the kids' menu. The pasta comes with marinara sauce or butter and grated cheese.

According to my beer drinking friends, FINS has one of the best beer selections in town. Personally, I'm a wine / cocktail girl myself. Their wine by the glass menu is fab and the cocktails superb. Try the orange crush and watch as they put an entire fresh orange into one drink. Or try the Dark & Stormy with Goslings Black Rum and ginger beer. Go … where everybody knows your name. And if not, they soon will.

Click here for a look at their entree menu. At 243 Rehoboth Avenue just east of Hotel Rehoboth – 302-226-3467

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