Dos Locos (vegetarian review)

/ Updated on July 1, 2014

You can't help but smile when you enter Dos Locos. It always feels like a party's going on, 'cause 9 times out of 10 the place is packed. People are wearing beads and drinking margaritas large enough to bathe in. I love that owners Joe and Darryl are hands-on; out mingling with their guests and making sure everyone is having a good time. Joe is the front-of-house guy, and Darryl is the Master Margarita Mixologist who creates a crazy-good pumpkin margarita every fall.

The menu offers a number of vegetarian items marked in red on the menu. There's also one item marked vegan, but in fact it contains sour cream, so you'd need to put a hold on that. You can order anything on the menu sans meat, and they couldn't be more accommodating. We tasted the majority of veggie items on the menu over several visits, the clear winner is the Arizona Quesadilla with fresh mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and melted cheese. It was divine. The mushrooms and the spinach are beautifully seasoned, and the tortilla into which these goodies are folded is nicely toasted. It comes with a generous portion of green salad. And I mean green, like hearts of romaine green. No iceberg nonsense here, thankyouverymuch. Get the house-made ginger vinaigrette dressing! You will love it.

The Arizona Burrito features similar ingredients but beware – it’s huge & hearty and quite possibly meant for big eaters or two people.

There are also several veggie items on the menu featuring the black bean chili. Again, hearty and it packs some spice, so not for those with timid taste buds. If you're looking for something on the milder side, get the Seven Loco Dip listed under the Locos Munchies menu and, if you are sensitive to heat, have them hold the jalapenos. The dip features seven layers including refried beans, tomatillo sauce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes and jalapenos. The refried beans, black bean chili and rice at Dos Locos are all vegetarian. The cheese enchiladas were quite good, with a creamy cheese taste. Don't forget dessert – it's worth saving room for!

Milk sucks – got margaritas? They’ve got three sizes (margs — not milk). Try them all!

Dos Locos is open year-round at 208 Rehoboth Avenue across from the fire dept. Their phone number is 302-227-3353.

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has been a vegetarian for 45 years. "I have been very pleased to see restaurants offering more and more options for meatless dining. We've gone from one vegetarian item on most menus (the faithful grilled cheese) to restaurants whose entire menu is vegetarian. Together we'll explore all that the beaches have to offer." View all articles written by Deb Griffin

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  1. Avatar james childress says:

    I have eaten at Dos Locos 9 or 10 times. It was always good. I ate there yesterday and everything was bad. The fajita was not sizzling (i could hold the metal plate and the onions and peppers weren’t caramelizing), the frijol negros tasted funny and were cold.

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