Chops Lobster Bar (Buckhead)

/ Updated on June 1, 2014

In spite of its name, Chops Lobster Bar is considered one of the premier Steakhouses in the country. After much grueling research, I have determined that that is quite possibly true (continued studies will, of course, be necessary). I love the huge open kitchen and the various dining levels overlooking all that fire, steam and stainless steel. Chops is part of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group (same as Buckhead Diner) and shares the same reputation for consistently high quality.

Start with the Sharing Morsels of the Cold-Water Lobster Tail, cut into bite size pieces and quickly fried. They say you have to share it, but if you are properly motivated you can deal with it all alone. My favorite salad is the Tomato, Onion and Blue Cheese. Like another great steakhouse (listed and reviewed in the regular review section for Ocean City, MD), they load it up with blue cheese crumbles. Every time I've had it, the tomatoes have been perfectly ripe and flavorful (i.e., not refrigerated). The Spinach Salad is prepared tableside, with the warm bacon dressing, sliced hard-boiled egg and all the other required goodies. The Mac and Creamy White Cheddar side is quite large (you'll need to share this one) and richly delicious. Get the Crisped Hash Browns as your potato side. You won't be sorry.

The 24 oz. Porterhouse is my favorite and has one of the most tender filets I've ever had the pleasure of digging into. For such a large steak, it has been delivered perfectly cooked (pink/hot center, charred exterior) every time. Please don't order it well done. Go to Outback for that. We have also enjoyed the Filet Mignon Pepper Steak (topped with Shallots braised in Port, Potato Confit, mushrooms and a Brandied Pepper Sauce). That peppery Brandy reduction qualifies this dish as the au poivre to end all au poivres. Lobsters include a whole 12 oz. Fried Tail (if you made the mistake of sharing the appetizer version), a Whole Lobster, and a Platter that includes a Tail, a small Salmon Filet, Lump Crab and Scallops all drizzled with a Lemon Beurre Blanc. Note that sitting at the bar, sipping a beverage and ordering appetizers (and then more appetizers) is also not a bad thing.

Before you accuse me of “gushing” over this place, there's another high-end steakhouse in Atlanta that was a major disappointment, and I have written about it separately. Chops is in a big office building just off Peachtree Rd. on the left as you turn onto W. Paces Ferry Road. Call for reservations at (404) 262-2675. (L., D., Bar) Click here for a look at their rather extensive menu. Price range: Expensive +.

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