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/ Updated on July 1, 2021

Read my latest column in Cape Gazette: A restaurant staff isn't all that different from a dedicated sports team.


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  1. Avatar Shifflett Cathleen says:

    The article on the vital importance of teamwork, be it in a restaurant, a sports arena or ball field, was very informative. While eateries and sports may be eons apart in most respects, they share a common trait that is integral to success…teamwork.

  2. Avatar Han Aydinel says:

    What a timely, fantastic article that is so spot on! A few day days ago I made the journey from home in Bethany to Lombardi’s Trattoria on 94th in Ocean City as I occasionally do when I am in the mood for a great Cesar Salad and pasta with fantastic meat sauce { you have to try their meat sauce, unbelievably good with a depth of flavor unlike any other I have ever had, and I have had all of them} As I was waiting for my food, I watched the performance go on as I usually do while I am there- Paolo, the owner of almost 50 years now, still working the crowd, stopping by table after table asking the diners if everything is OK, and if they needed anything. In between schmoozing the guests, he is making sure each employee is OK and conversing pleasantly with all of them. This “show” goes on, every night, until closing- the owner is in the trenches with his staff, pitching in seating guests, delivering food to tables ,checking on both guests and employees to be sure they are happy. I have gotten to know Jenna, Christina, and other front of house employees who have worked there for years, and you can tell they are happy and part of a team and loyal to Pablo because of the way he treats the staff, more like family instead of just workers.

    When Paolo made his way to my table, I asked him “how do you do it?” He replied “do What?” I said, How do you stay motivated, you have been here 50 years, night after night, and it is obvious you have built a great successful business and a dedicated tenured staff you can rely on, yet here you are till closing, night after night, engaging with staff and patrons and working alongside them- his answer? “I love it”, why yes, Pablo, you love it, and it shows both in your demeanor, your staff, and the food coming out of your kitchen. Well done sir, well done.

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