Dolle’s Fleeing the Boardwalk

/ Updated on January 31, 2021

After several months of negotiations (during which I was commanded to keep silent), I can finally write that the iconic, International Orange DOLLE'S sign that defined Rehoboth Beach will soon be a thing of the past. And sadly, so will the candy store that dominated that corner for so many years. Because of a lease disagreement and failing sales because of lockdowns and travel restrictions for J-1 students, the almost century-old candy shop will be moving off the Boardwalk into their Ibach's space several doors to the west. Tom Pachides and candymaker Rudolph Dolle created the Rehoboth Boardwalk business in 1927 as an offshoot of Dolle's store in Ocean City Md.

It will certainly be a sad day when that landmark sign comes down. Candy manufacturing equipment and packing facilities will eventually be moved out on to the highway. But, at least for a while, Dolle's will remain downtown.

We'll keep you posted!

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  1. Avatar Vicki W. says:

    This is truly very sad news. This is a historical landmark of Rehoboth Beach, it should be saved somewhere. Perhaps, a fundraiser to do this? I no longer live nearby but spent every summer in Rehoboth Beach since the mid fifties as my grandmother owned Evadne’s dress shop on the Avenue. Glad to hear Ibachs will remain to carry the wonderful candy, but this is such a loss.

  2. Avatar angelica n leeds says:

    Noooooooooo!! This is such sad news. First was Nicola’s and now this?? That sign needs to remain in place. Heartbeat of Rehoboth.

  3. Avatar Maria escalera says:

    Everyone is suffering but I am surprised there is not more community support. If we the public had know maybe we could help.

  4. Avatar DALE POSTER-ELLIS says:

    The Dolle’s sign is iconic like the Coppertone girl and her dog sign in Miami. Perhaps the Dolle’s sign can be saved and/or moved?

  5. Avatar Shirley Stinchcomb says:

    That is such disturbing news! The Dolle’s sign is the most iconic landmark for Rehoboth Beach. What a horrible shame the landlord can’t work with them to come to an agreement. Removing the sign will change the whole landscape of the beach. I have been going to Rehoboth since the late 50’s. I just can’t imagine downtown without that sign. It’s more than just a sign; it’s a feeling.

  6. Avatar Cheryl says:

    This breaks my heart. It’s hard to imagine. Nicola’s, another icon, is leaving the Avenue for the highway in Lewes and so I wonder now if the reason is the same.

  7. Avatar Bill Houck says:

    My family has been going to Rehoboth since 1950. This is going to be greatly missed.

  8. Avatar Phil says:

    I’m surprised that the buildings owner would boot Dolle’s out after so many years at that location! Do they think that they are going to find a new long term tenant with a ton of cash liquidity to occupy that space so quickly? Soooo sad!

  9. Avatar Bonnie Cullen says:

    I’m 77 y.o. Born and raised in Delaware. Dolles was always a landmark. It survived many, many storms and keep going. This pandemic has harmed so many privately owned businesses. What a shame the landlord couldn’t work with the business owner to keep this landmark in place. I moved out of DE 30 years ago, but when I visited Rehobeth, I always shopped at Dolles.

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