Brick Works Long Neck


Kevin Reading (Abbott’s Grill Milford/Laurel) and Eric Williams’ (Mispillion River Brewing) Brick Works concept, currently in Smyrna, will expand to the new shopping center at Rt. 24 and Long Neck Road. We’ll keep you informed!

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  1. Avatar Marion K Gentul says:

    A recent Sunday brunch/lunch turned out unpleasant, but not because of the food, or I should say the 3 out of 4 orders of food that arrived at our table. One one of our meals never arrived. It was a salad. We watched cooked food coming out repeatedly, wondering what was so hard about assembling a salad. The server did notice eventually, so we tried to be patient as he supposedly tried to correct this, but it was way too late, the rest of us eventually finished eating. The server tried to explain, but really, we didn’t care to listen to his self-centered sob story, although he admitted he made a mistake and said they would not charge us for the salad. No kidding. The meal never arrived while
    everyone else was eating, and they thought they could make up for it by not charging us. A manager or someone from the back came out and repeated that we would not be charged, the salad would come out, and the person who ordered the salad asked that instead of serving it to her now, since we were all finished, to please be put in a carry-out container. When we got home, it appeared that they didn’t even give her the full salad as the portion in the container was so small. It was supposed to be a “crab and watermelon salad” yet there were just 3 small balls of watermelon in it and some crab stuffed in an underripe avocado. For $16.00. We may go back eventually but not any time soon.

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