Red, White & Basil OPEN

/ Updated on July 14, 2022

Mark Hunker and Jeff McCracken of Eden/JAM Bistro fame (they also own Coho's Market & Grill (where Grub used to be) plus several properties in Washington, D.C.) have totally revamped the building where Gelato Girl used to be, just south of Coldwell Banker on the Highway at Rt. 1a. Their new restaurant is named for their former DC eatery, Red, White & Basil. It's up and running!

Learn more by listening to Mark and Jeff on a recent Beach Eats broadcast with the Rehoboth Foodie. CLICK HERE to listen to the guys talk about the new concept!

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  1. Avatar joan gleckel says:

    BEST bolognese sauce iv,e ever had
    perfect service
    OK ambiance
    will definitely be a “regular”

  2. Avatar Judy Maness says:

    First time visiting the restaurant tonight with 9 family members. Drinks were OK.
    One hour to get food and we would give the food quality and taste on a scale from 1 to 10, a 2 maybe. We did tip the waiter 18% as the problems were not his fault. The manager did come by for our feedback and we were honest with him. It will be a long time before we return.

  3. Avatar Richard Coglianese says:

    We moved here from Dupont Circle where we were frequent diners at Red, White and Basil. We’re thrilled this restaurant is being resurrected here. Assuming the concept will be the same we are very familiar with the objective. We would be more than happy to be involved with any soft opening or other preparatory steps.

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