Arena’s @ P3 Spot

/ Updated on April 14, 2022

The Arena's boys have closed their Long Neck location, but they are making up for it by taking over the old Pickled Pig Pub space next to Hari & Orion Cameron's Grandpa Mac on the highway across from Panera. As with everything, it's taking the Arena's group a while to get set up, but it WILL happen. I'll take the BLT, pleeeeeze…

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  1. Avatar Anne Pikolas says:

    We live near the Giant center in Long Neck and ate at Arenas quite often. Soups and sandwiches were so good. And the nachos and french fries were the best. My healthy item favorite was the yummy hummy. Was a great casual place for a beer and a burger. We miss it!

  2. Avatar Charleen kraft says:

    Oh No! We are weekend warriors that live on Long Neck Road and look forward to stopping there to eat. The service was excellent and the food as well. We will still be patrons but not as often because of the 2 minute ride from our place.

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