Cuvee Ray Closed

/ Updated on February 14, 2020

We are sad to report that wine bar Cuvee Ray has closed forever. Owner Ray Kurz had hoped to reopen in the spring of 2020, but after careful evaluation and some wise soul searching – something many restaurateurs should do regularly – he chose to move on to a different format. I suspect that whatever he does, it will certainly involve his two loves: wine and good music.

Ray Kurz is a lawyer with a passion for food, wine and music. He is an affable and approachable guy who worked tirelessly to combine them all in the former Pig & Fish location in Rehoboth Beach. But restauranting is an EXTREMELY difficult job that requires a multitude of skills. He has listed the restaurant for sale. Keep an eye on for updates!

We did enjoy that place and 2nd Time Around band always loved playing there.

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  1. Avatar Isabelle Badoux says:

    I’m so sad to hear this news. Ray is probably somewhat grateful that he made this decision before the pandemic. I hope to find him and Joe Churchman somewhere in Rehoboth, eventually.

  2. Avatar Tara Farrell says:

    Is this accurate? I heard they’ll be back in March.

  3. Avatar Dotti Outland says:

    So our gift cards are worthless?

  4. Avatar george h wilson says:

    sorry to see him close some of the best meals there

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