Pilottown OUT; ?? IN

/ Updated on March 18, 2017

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Pilottown Fish House in Milton's Paynter's Mill development has closed its doors. That's a difficult location in general, so it will be interesting to see who will replace them.

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  1. Avatar Vera Wright says:

    Kindle had a wonderful business there. Folks from Milford, Milton, Broadkill Beach and all of us that live in the Cave Neck Road, Red Mill pond areas loved going to a really good restaurant without having to go into Lewes or Rehoboth. We were looking forward to having another place so close. Sadly it didn’t live up to What we were used to.

  2. Avatar Heather says:

    For anyone who bought a gift card – some advice!
    1. Contact your credit card company and let them know what happened – I did this and they were able to reverse the 50 dollar charge from my account.
    2. If that doesn’t work, you can contact the state attorney general office. Might be a lot of work for 50 bucks, but I would have taken this step out of principal if #1 failed. I still cannot believe that they sold this to me within a few days of closing. Terrible business practices and taking advantage of customers!

  3. Avatar Jim Austin says:

    Paynters Mill is almost invisible to anyone not “in the know.” The signage for the development lists the various businesses there, but each business’ placard is rather small, and the overall display is not visible from Rt.1. The signage is also out of date–listing businesses long closed.

    It’s a nice community, and if more people knew about it businesses that locate there might have a fighting chance. That takes significant ongoing marketing, and vastly increased visibility.

  4. Avatar Dorothy Woodbury says:

    So what happens to a $25 gift card???

  5. Avatar Kathy Davison says:

    That is a real shame as the place looked great on the inside. Whomever goes there, I hope they advertise often as one forgets that restaurant location is there with easy free parking and easy access.

  6. Avatar claire b says:

    part of the problem with that location is that it is super super noisy, enough to give me a headache, even when the place only has a few people in it.

  7. Avatar Arnold Berke says:

    Why not just give up already, and stick an IHOP or Chick-Feel-A there?

  8. Avatar Heather says:

    Bummer – I bought a giftcard on December 28th, and everytime the folks we bought for tried to use it, starting on January 4th, the doors had been closed. Pretty shady business practices selling customers a gift card on Dec 28th knowing they would be closing doors.

    • Avatar dottie woodbury says:

      I also bought a gift card there in December. I had also planned a “Lunch Bunch” for my community on January 11th. (32 of us) They never responded to calls the week before and on Saturday, the 7th, I received a voicemail that they would be closed for the month of January, and they hoped I could find another venue! Luckily I did, Black Wall Hitch in Rehoboth! They did an outstanding job serving 38 of us! Lunch menu offered many selections for $12 each, and they had no problem giving us separate checks.

    • Avatar Thomas Wayson says:

      1/2 price gift cards mean bye bye. I wonder how many they sold?

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