Brimming Horn Meadery OPEN

/ Updated on October 12, 2017

Like Mead? Fill your flagon (you DO have a flagon, don't you?), at one of Delaware's very first meaderies, Brimming Horn Meadery on Rt. 9 near Lavender Fields Farms. Founder/president Jon Talkington has been making mead for over 15 years and has won just as many awards. Jon and his army of microbrewers have marshalled their forces to bring this ancient beverage to the beaches.

Click to meet mead maniacs Jon and JR on the Sip & Bite Show.

They are located at 28615 Lewes Georgetown Hwy, Milton, DE 19968.

Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water and sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. The alcoholic content of mead may range from about 8% ABV to more than 20%.

See their website, or check them out on Facebook.

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  1. Avatar Robert Walker says:

    We’re slowly getting there folks. Finally got our license applications into the Federal Govt. Keep checking in with us and join our newsletter to find out news before the public. Can’t wait to bring Jon’s mead to you all.

  2. Avatar Marcia Sabo Williams says:

    Every pic and mead description gets better. I don’t know if I can keep salivating like this till spring…

  3. Avatar rose says:

    i want to stop by to try!!! maybe on a sat afternoon..i work at rehoboth beach country club…i hopeto get to you soon!!!!!!!!! rose

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