Surf Bagel AM in Midway

/ Updated on August 24, 2017

The old K&H bagels in Midway behind La Tonalteca/Delaware Distilling Co. is now Surf Bagel AM. They opened Friday Dec. 16th.

K&H was owned by the former owner of J&J Bagels in Georgetown, who sold that location to the late Juan Moreno and moved to Midway. I suspect that the endless brand recognition of Surf Bagel will spell success for this somewhat hidden spot. The new Surf Bagel AM is open every day from 6am until around noon.

Take a look at the review of the Lewes Surf Bagel. We'll keep you posted.

Special thanks to CarGuy Bryan Hecksher for the opening photos!

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  1. Avatar Jennifer Rubenstein says:

    Did you ever try the delicious mini-empanadas that they sold at K&H? I’d love to see them open a Latin place.

  2. Avatar barbara says:

    This was my go to if Surf Bagel seemed too busy. I just think this location sucks. The backside of this shopping center is a curse. However SB is not in a great location and has defied that (Fins on the Highway same thing) so hopefully it will work out!

    I just reviewed this on Trip Advisor yesterday. HA.

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