From Cherry Tree to Big Fish

/ Updated on September 30, 2017

Eric Sugrue of Big Fish Restaurant Group has announced that he has acquired the restaurants formerly operated by the Cherry Tree Hospitality group, owned by the late Darius Mansoory. I have been sworn to secrecy over the last few months as the negotiations have progressed, but now it's Breaking Chews on

One of those restaurants is our very own Stingray on Lake Avenue in Rehoboth Beach. This is not Sugrue's first rodeo, obviously, and he wisely plans on keeping the concepts essentially the same, with a few tweaks here and there, mostly in the physical plant of the restaurants.

Another silver lining to this changeover is that longtime Stingray GM Andrea Herman has returned! She knows that place inside & out and knew exactly how it should be run. Welcome back, Andrea!

The Sugrues, in various combinations, own the original Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth Beach, another one in Wilmington (including a future hotel as part of that complex), Summer House and Salt Air in downtown Rehoboth Beach, the Crab House on Coastal Highway, Bella Coast on Rt. 202 outside Wilmington, and several other restaurants.

We are excited that the concept of our local Stingray will remain the same. Mansoory did a great job with the appearance of the restaurant and it will continue to be a great asset to our tiny beach town.

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  1. Avatar JB says:

    Well I gave stingray another try last night. What a disappointment! I have craved their firecracker shrimp for many years and they changed the recipe and it was not so good. Why would you change something that was a staple on your menu? The salad was a sorry effort compared to what it used to be and luckily the only thing that didn’t change was the hairy Mexican Thank god. It was the only plate in my take out order I could consume. Had I been in the restaurant everything else would have been sent back. This was my second two time now since they were acquired. Won’t be going back unless it’s just for sushi! Have to go to
    Meichy’s now for the firecracker shrimp I guess…

  2. Avatar Roberta Price says:

    Great news. Love the sushi at Stingray!

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