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/ Updated on January 4, 2020

I get about 50-60 emails a day. About 10% of those urge me to try this or that new place. Or perhaps a place they love that I have not covered. There's only one of me, and though I do admit to having a vast network of spies, moles and operatives, I don't write about ANYTHING until I've tried it myself. And for a full review, I go at least three times.

Pizza, like barbecue and many ethnic foods can vary widely from region to region. And EVERYONE thinks their favorite is the best. We have so many kinds of pizza in this area, and most are very good for their style. There's the thick crust and very cheesy “Greek-style” pizza from Alex Kotanides at Pat's in Lewes. There's the crusty, puffy wood-fired goodness from Touch of Italy and Mr. P's. Or the get-ready-for-some-unusual toppings style at Half Full, Crust & Craft and Dogfish Head Brewpub. Then there are the more traditional Manhattan-style pies (you fold 'em when you eat 'em!) at Louie's in downtown Rehoboth. The list goes on. Thank you for your patience.

After receiving an inordinate number of texts and emails about Pomodoro Pizza in Bethany Beach (next to Dickie's Frozen Custard right off of Garfield Parkway near the ocean), I finally found the time to get down there. If you like the traditional New York/Bronx-style pizza (thin, with a crackly crust, not smothered in sauce, but with generous toppings), then Pomodoro Pizza is for you.

Owners Rose and Brian Conte are from Italy, so they know their sauces and they know their cheese. The moment I took my first bite, I was reminded of some of the best pizza I have ever eaten: at Louie & Ernie's tiny storefront at 1300 Crosby Ave. in the Bronx. Thanks to Rose and Brian, I no longer have to suffer the Cross-Bronx Expressway to get my pizza fix. Pomodoro comes closer to that than anyone in our local area.

Of course, Pomodoro also has some unusual topping choices that are fine if you like that sort of stuff. I just don't understand BBQ or buffalo chicken on pizza. And enough already with the pineapple! (Mercifully, Pomodoro does not offer pineapple.) Even they have their limits. But, as I wrote above, each to his or her own, so I will stick with the traditional. With pepperoni. And perhaps Italian sausage and mushrooms. I can even get in the mood for black olives and bacon.

The pizzas with the traditional toppings come in two sizes. The large 16″ and the even larger 18″. There is a nice selection of strombolis and calzones. In answer to the questions that are sure to come, a stromboli is a calzone with sauce. A calzone is a stromboli without sauce. Stuffings include green peppers, onions, ricotta, and of course the meat lover's.

NOTE! I have been warned by kind locals that in-season waits for carryout can be long! So call early for dinner pick up. The place is small, 2 ovens, and they are popular. Worth it though!

Sound good? Try it! They're at 101 Garfield Parkway (if you are driving east on Garfield, turn north (LEFT) when you get to the end just before the parking lot. I'm going back for a whole pie. There. I said it. They are open 7 days in season starting at 11 a.m.

See the menu HERE.

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  1. Avatar Han Aydinel says:

    Best pizza on the Delaware {and Maryland} shore, by far, and the owners are a great hard working couple that are a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend!

  2. Avatar Barbara says:

    Call early for dinner pick up. We have called at dinner time and we were told 3 hours.. I usually call around 3 for a 6:00 pick up. Its small, 2 ovens, and they are popular. Worth it though!

  3. Avatar Mary Jo Belfiore says:

    Actually, a Stromboli is Italian meats and mozzarella in a pizza crust where a Calzone has ricotta cheese as well as mozzarella in a pizza crust.

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