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/ Updated on August 31, 2021

Restaurateur and entrepreneur Petru Cornescu, Haken Ak and partners have purchased the old Salted Rim restaurant space (complete with the train cars!) in Ocean View. They installed location #2 of their Lewes-based Honey's Farm Fresh breakfast/lunch concept there. Salted Rim is now open slightly west in the old Fat Tuna/Tonalteca space. Cornescu also owns and/or is a partner in Pete's Steak Shop, Hopkins' Ice Cream store in Dewey, Sharkey's in Dewey, the Honey's in Lewes.

Honey's is known for their breakfasts, with the star of the show being their crispy, buttery latke. This is unlike any latke you have ever had. Omelets, french toast and sandwiches round out the menu. Take a look at some of the favorites by scrolling through the gallery.

The quality of the food & service at Honey's in Lewes increased tenfold when Petru and partner Haken Ak (aka “Hank”) took over, so we're confident that that Honey's #2 will be a success!

We'll keep you posted. Take a look at the Honey's FB page HERE.

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  1. Avatar Carol Will says:

    We spent a week in Ocean City and our visit at Honeys was the best experience we had. The food was excellent for all of us (there were 5 adults in our party), but the service was the best I’ve had anywhere in a very long time. The staff was most accommodating to all of our requests but our server, Tae, was full of personality and went out of her way to anticipate our needs and her timing was perfect. She was so efficient and responded to every request without hesitation. I can’t wait to go back again to repeat this experience. This was the last restaurant we visited but will certainly be the first when we go back. Thank you for getting it so right!

  2. Avatar Amy says:

    Would you know how to get a hold of the owner as I didn’t even get a chance to eat here? The person who greeted us was shouting and yelling how they were too busy and was so extremely nasty and we walked out. I tried to call but the same person answered stating he was the manager and started yelling again about how he can not deal with being that busy and to call back at 2pm, which is when they close. I understand being busy, but busy is a good thing and if you can not greet people with kindness it may not be the place to work

  3. Avatar Scott says:

    It is a cute place. The tuna was boring, could use a lot more celery any perhaps a bit of onion — optional. The Ginsburg swirl needs to be replace. it is extremely dry, very difficult to swallow. Might take a lesson from Rosenfeld‘s With the Pepperidge farm rye swirl.

  4. Avatar Delmar Sutton says:

    We visited Honey’s for the first time last week.

    My wife had the COVID-19 omelette and I had the Florentine omelette.

    Our omelettes were very good, loaded with feta cheese and veggies.

    The service was great. I especially having a chance to listen to the music, which was all Rolling Stones, while we were dining.

    We recommend this spot for a hearty, tasty breakfast.

  5. Avatar Han Aydinel says:

    Tried this place a few days ago, sitting in the train was fun and certainly different! Food was good, large portions and efficient service. My only suggestion is an 8am opening time for a breakfast type establishment is too late, it effectively cuts out the option of stopping in for breakfast on a work day for a huge percentage of the locals who have jobs.

  6. Avatar Steve says:

    Well executed lunchtime sandwiches. Haven’t made it for breakfast yet, but hope to soon! A welcome addition to the South Coastal dining scene!

  7. Avatar Judy Hamilton says:

    I really hope they bring back the train car activities like Hogwarts Express at Halloween and Polar Express at Christmas. The kids loved them!

  8. Avatar Anna Burkholder says:

    I’m sure the new location will be great!
    I Love Honey’s Farm Fresh in Lewes! I look forward to their fresh squeezed OJ and eggs benedict so much! Lucky us, it is only six minutes from our new home in Red Mill Pond South!

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