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/ Updated on May 14, 2022

This unassuming little spot slipped under my radar for well over a year, and I have to thank the Bethany Beach contingent of my vast network of spies, moles and operatives for bringing it to my attention. I had dinner in this space over 15 years ago (that would be three owners ago) and was not impressed. But that has changed – including the layout, the decor, the cleanliness and the friendliness of the staff. If they keep this up, they will quickly become a not-so-hidden gem in the southern hinterlands.

Summer Salts Beach Grill is all about burgers, massive sandwiches, salads, and a fairly well-rounded menu of pastas and entrees. On our first visit, Bethany Beach maven Mitch King insisted we order the French Onion Soup. We complied, if not a little tentatively. Well, his advice was well taken! I have had onion soup in some very fine restaurants, and the onion soup at Summer Salts stands up to them all. The broth is loaded with sauteed onion, but is not too salty (a common error with this dish). The cheese is creamy and properly overflows the crock to provide some burnt edges. Let's face it – the world turns on burnt cheese. Get this soup. You can thank me later.

Those of you who listen to my radio show know that I have very specific criteria for club sandwiches. In addition to containing generous portions of (preferably) house-made meats, it must also be cut into four sections. Though triangles is the more popular method, rectangular shapes are also acceptable. They call this the “One Pound Club Sandwich.” It delivers on that promise. Don't order it unless you plan to take some home to make a few more sandwiches. It's that big! All the regulation items are accounted for – on marble rye.

The French Dip was also recommended. House-made roast beef is simply decorated with swiss on an impossibly fresh sub roll. Au jus accompanies, of course. All the big sandwiches come with well-done fries that do not disappoint. We kicked things off with the wings, which were attacked so quickly that I was unable to secure a photo. Or maybe it was a subliminal device to get me to return – because the wings were very good. We ordered the Buffalo hot and the Thai chili. They were both loaded with flavor.

This is just a sneak peek, of course, and we will be going back to get more photos and eventually provide a star rating (I don't do a star rating until I've eaten at a restaurant at least three times).

Summer Salts Beach Grill is directly across from the Sea Colony highrises in the Market Place Center (sharing that area with Fins Bethany and Armand's Pizza).

See the entire menu by CLICKING HERE.

You can also follow Summer Salts on FACEBOOK HERE.

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Call to check their hours at 302-581-0423.

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  1. Avatar Debbie G says:

    This was our first time here. I enjoyed the peach daiquiris and the crab dip The atmosphere and people were nice too.

  2. Avatar Tommy Veirs says:

    Best kept secret in Bethany… great food, great service, great people (Also great prices) highly recommend it….

  3. Avatar Sharon says:

    I could not wait to try Summer Salts from your review. I have made two visits with friends we invited and I will be hesitant to try a third time. The first time was a good enough experience to go back. Second time not so much. I ordered French Onion Soup which was so bland with not much flavor. I order FOS often and was disappointed. I ordered the French Dip which I also enjoy at many restaurants in the area (Rehoboth, Lewes…) this too was so disappointing. It was not well-cooked, the top piece of meat was actually pretty raw…the cheese was on the bottom…had it been on top as usual it
    may have been a little more appetizing. It was terrible, tough, fatty, and not easy to chew. After two bites I let the waiter know, he apologized and asked to bring another one. I didn’t really want to, but he did insist and so I agreed hesitantly only to be again disappointed with the second attempt…little more done, but not enjoyable…decided to let the waiter know again along with deciding not to reorder. I must add my husband enjoyed his spicy shrimp and chicken w/fettucine, the other couple enjoyed the One Pound Club and Chicken Chesapeake. Will we go back…maybe, but will not be ordering the French Dip or French Onion Soup. Let me add, I don’t usually order these two items together, but your review was so great, I thought why not???

  4. Avatar Lisa Vernola says:

    spot-on review. Summer Salts is one of our favorite places. Always: great food, drinks, service and super clean. I’m a transplant from NY who loves to cook and was in the restaurant business ages ago; I can’t help but be picky. Very impressed with the entire package!

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