Reading Terminal Market

/ Updated on November 13, 2014

Need a cheesesteak? Fresh produce, fish, lobster? A cookbook? Honey — both in and out of the comb? Middle Eastern Schwarma, pastries, falafel? A meatball, turkey, roast beef, or a broccoli rabe and roast pork sub? A lamb/chicken/beef kabob? Cookies? Cakes? Fresh produce? A goat's head? A lamb's head? Cupcakes? Oysters, clams, shellfish, octopus? A reuben, crab cake, ham, pizza, cheese sandwich? Breakfast? Candy (lots of it)?

Canned, preserved and/or pickled … anything? Thai? Chinese? Indian? The choice of about a million potholders, aprons, T-shirts, cookbooks and whatever?

And just about anything else you could think of? About two city blocks square, near 12th and Market St. downtown, the Reading Terminal Market has something for everyone.

Click here to take a look at their website.

The place defies description. Just scroll through the gallery.

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