Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

/ June 18, 2014

174 5th Ave.
New York, New York 10010

See the wonderful website here.

See the menu here.

Eisenberg's motto: “Raising New York's Cholesterol since 1929.” Love it! In a world of pretentious nonsense about “gluten free” (except for those afflicted with celiac disease, of course) and octo-leggo-promo-vego-ovo-vegetarianism and all the rest of the nonsense people use in a desperate attempt to distinguish themselves, it's nice to see unabashed pride in just plain ol' comfort food.

Everything in moderation, of course, but when it's time to let your fresser flag fly, it better be worth it! And Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop in the Flatiron District of Lower Manhattan is a place to do it. It's the quintessential soda fountain/sandwich counter with a long row of stools the entire length of the room, with all the cooking and prepping happening right before your eyes. There are no secrets at Eisenberg's!

A value added at this wonderful little locals' hangout by the Flatiron Building is that after you finish, you can walk south a couple of blocks to do a little shopping at Fishs Eddy. Don't know about Fishs Eddy? Shame on you! Trust your Foodie on this one. Sunday morning breakfast at the green marble counter followed by a browse through the most unusual store you will ever see. If you are not a foodie, or you don't like to cook, then ignore this. But I'm betting that you're on this site because you like food, and like to cook (or you love somebody who does).

OK. I'll give you a hint. Check out Fishs Eddy here.


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