Shrimpy’s OUT-Palm Beach B&G IN

/ Updated on April 14, 2024

The tiny food truck called First State Corn & More that used to operate behind the Chick Fil-A in Coastal Highway will soon be a full-fledged sitdown restaurant in the old Shrimpy's space in Midway. Kathryn Robinson and her husband occupied the original Shrimpy's pass-through spot by the Boardwalk in downtown Rehoboth, but they will bring an expanded menu (including customer favorites) to that space in Midway.

The new restaurant will be Palm Beach Bar & Grill. They are making major changes to the kitchen and to the front of house. We'll keep you posted! Projected opening is late May/early June.

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  1. Avatar Joseph caffey says:

    This is great news we need more restaurants in Rehoboth area. Can’t wait till they open. I hope we get a Red Lobster restaurant some time. A Carrara’s would also be nice.

  2. Avatar Joe Wyatt says:

    Hope they totally gut the place and have no affiliation with the people who ran shrimpys One of the most disgusting health reports I’ve ever read .Nobody who worked there or owned the place should ever be allowed to work in the food industry again!!!

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