Henlopen Pizza Kitchen

/ Updated on December 31, 2023

Cassie Rogerson and The Yeti at Coastal Taproom are pleased to announce the creation of the Henlopen Pizza Kitchen in the space formerly occupied by the wildly popular El Dorado Taco spot and more recently by the not-so-successful JJ's and Dos Locos #2. Even more reason to drop by and enjoy the music.

Henlopen Pizza Kitchen is open noon to 10. You can also order online at HenlopenPizzaKitchen.com

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  1. Avatar Bob Hasselbauer says:

    Heard about it from my neighbor. Tried it tonight and loved it. Been here 11 years and have tried everybody’s pizza and I now have a new favorite/ go to pizza.

  2. Avatar Patti says:

    Just had my first slice. Fantastic pizza. I live in Long Neck and I think this is the best without going on Rt 1. I do love Louie’s Pizza but not always easy for me to get to with two bad knees. Will definitely be going back and I highly recommend the pepperoni pizza which is the only thing I have tried.

  3. Avatar Leslie Beall says:

    Very good pizza. I would say the best around. Thin crust – but not floppy. Good quality cheese. Our favorite pizza place now.

  4. Avatar Foodiebluehen says:

    Well, someone finally did it.. a 7.9 – 8.1 Dave Portnoy scale pizza…good undercarriage…almost zero flop..and crispy with some char and a great taste …by far the best pizza below the canal, and maybe in the whole state.

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