Friendly’s is back

/ Updated on July 15, 2022

On July 1, Friendly's restaurant reopened in the WalMart shopping center on Coastal Highway. It features a drive-thru and the addition of the Lobster Festival menu, which includes Fiery Lobster Pasta, Shrimp and Lobster Quesadillas and the Classic Lobster Roll.

For over 80 years, Friendly’s Restaurants has offered entrees, snacks and ice cream creations. Friendly's Restaurants is a brand of BRIX Holdings, LLC, a restaurant management and franchising company based in Dallas.

For additional information, visit or follow Friendly’s on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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  1. Avatar Pfluger says:

    Otherwise, its just more Schell-type PR….

  2. Avatar John Kenney says:

    foodie, tell me you didn’t write this. reads like a friendly’s press release

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Good catch! I adapted it from a Friendly’s press release that was about 5 times longer than what I published. I’ve never been to a Friendly’s, so I don’t have much first-hand info……..

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