El Dorado to Become Dos

/ Updated on February 27, 2019

Mit Patel, the owner of Dos Locos, has taken over the popular El Dorado restaurant space at Rt. 24 and Coastal Highway. Current plans  are to offer a similar menu and concept as Dos Locos under the name of Dos Locos Dos. He also plans to add a bar in the future.

There are still hoops through which they must jump, including licenses, permits, etc., etc. Opening is projected for mid-March.

The Rehoboth Foodie will keep you posted as the changeover progresses.

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  1. Steve Schmitz says:

    Aquiles is a good man and a great host. I hope he finds new opportunities in the area.

  2. fightingbluehen says:

    Maybe they should have kept the original name of the restaurant seeing that El Dorado is a well known and trusted brand.

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