Bella Coast = Touch of Italy

/ Updated on January 3, 2018

After almost a year of discussion and negotiation, Bob Ciprietti’s Touch of Italy has touched the Wilmington area with the purchase of Bella Coast Restaurant from the Big Fish Restaurant Group. Eric and Norman Sugrue shine in the seafood department, with three Big Fish Grill locations, Salt Air, Summer House, Stingray, Washington Street Ale House, Mikimoto’s and The Crab House. They also supply fresh, high-quality seafood to many local restaurants through their Big Fish Wholesale Market.

But the Italian concept never really took off the way they wanted it to, and they were open to negotiation when successful Italian restaurateur Ciprietti offered to bring his Bronx-born Touch of Italy concept to the attractive venue that was Bella Coast. Located at 2530 Concord Pike, the eatery is in a popular and affluent area where you can’t throw a meatball without hitting a restaurant.

The Rehoboth Foodie had the pleasure of joining Ciprietti at his new acquisition on our way to the the Delaware Restaurant Association Cornerstone Awards in November. I interviewed a few of the staff members, and everyone there seems to be quite excited about the change. There’s no doubt the ‘The Big Cip’ knows his stuff, so this already nice-looking place is set to be born again.

We’ll keep you posted as the changeover progresses.

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