Wanna Help Grandpa?

/ Updated on August 24, 2016

Do you feel that you shouldn't have to go to work when you don't feel like it? Is working all about a paycheck and nothing else? Do you resent being expected to provide an honest day's work? If you answered “yes” to any of these, close this article and move on to the next. No hard feelings.

HOWEVER, if you would like to work for a small, quality company run by great people, and are willing to put your best efforts toward helping them succeed (and keeping your job in the process), then look no further. The new Grandpa(MAC) on Coastal Highway is looking for a few good pasta makers, prep people, pressers of proper panini, and smiley counter people.

Apply at a(MUSE.) restaurant at 44 Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth Beach or at the current Grandpa(MAC) on Baltimore Avenue next to Blue Moon. Or email them at hari@amuse-rehoboth.com

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