Half Full OPEN

/ Updated on July 12, 2015

Lewes' tiny 500 sq. ft. Half Full pizza & wine parlor has reopened at the corner of Bank & Second sts. next door to Kindle. The main dining room is almost an exact copy of the popular original spot and is slightly bigger, though it's cleverly designed so it's not immediately obvious that it's bigger.

One of the interesting features of the new restaurant is that all the woodwork inside was salvaged from the historic old beach house in which it is located. Some of the beams even have roman numerals engraved in them to indicate where they were located. And the notched beam above the bar has been cleverly repurposed!

Matt DiSabatino and Ian Crandall's cozy spot in Lewes held a shakedown party Monday night to make sure everything was up and running. There's a new menu with the long-awaited salads and soups. And they still have the cookies! Half Full will no longer enjoy the distinction of being the smallest restaurant around, but we know for a fact that the pizzas will continue to be tasty and creative.

Drop in and take a look at the new spot!

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