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Georgia House

/ Updated on April 10, 2019

As of April, 2019, the longtime Millsboro location of Georgia House closed for good. The good news is that the other three locations are going strong. There is the Georgia House at Mulligan’s Point in Georgetown, another in Selbyville, and yet another on Walnut St. in Milford. The menus are the same, so the information below remains current. Enjoy! Rehoboth Foodie pick hits include the fried chicken, the meatloaf and the club sandwich. See more below.

Some places seem to do things right, time after time (sorry, Chronic Complainers, I cannot tell a lie). The first thing you see on the menu is the Fried Green Tomatoes. Georgia House puts a spicy twist on them by serving them with thin-sliced onions (“Georgia Toothpicks”). And the chili! Regular visitors know of my issues with restaurant chili (it’s usually awful), but Georgia House serves it up with chunky veggies and topped with a dollop of sour cream and a semi-melted spot of cheddar. (I love the hot roasted jalapeno that comes with it.)

I have had the Kentucky Salad many times (green salad studded with their buttermilk fried chicken — more about that later), and the Field Mix with Roma tomatoes. These stand out, but I’ve seen all the salads ordered and enjoyed. Ask for the balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It’s hearty and flavorful (more about that later, too). Scroll through the gallery and take a look.

Like any Southern-style restaurant, they offer a veritable plethora (yup, an actual plethora) of sides. The list goes on and on: Mac & Cheese, Fried Squash & Zucchini, Turnip Greens, Cinnamon Apples, Sweet Potato casserole, Corn Pudding…to name just a few. They’re served in not-too-big portions so you can order a few and not have a traffic jam on your table. The sides vary with the season, but do get the cucumber and onions and the stewed tomatoes. Both are hidden gems.

“Miss Vicky’s Meatloaf” is at the top of the entree menu. It’s well-spiced and delicious. One of my regular dining companions (an Iron Man triathlete, no less) loves it and puts it away like there’s no tomorrow (it’s also available as a sandwich with grilled onions and cheese). Speaking of sandwiches, it’s hard to find a good club sandwich any more, but Georgia House steps up to the plate with a particularly good one. I like to order a little side of honey mustard dressing and then politely dip the sandwich quarters. Messy? Yes. (The club sandwich is also great dipped into that dark brown and rich balsamic vinaigrette I described above.)

Another star of the show is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken. It is presented “knife and fork” style as a dark, crispy butterflied breast. The nice thing about butterflying the breast is that you get a thinner piece of meat and more surface area for the crunchy coating. In the immortal words of the plump and talented Barefoot Contessa, “So what can be wrong with THAT?”

Other entrees include the Beef Burgundy (served with noodles), the Shepherd’s Pie (carbo-load with this meaty dish and leave smiling). There is, of course, the thin and crispy Chicken Fried Steak (cheese added, of course), and the Fish and Chips, crusted with pecan and served with sweet potato fries. Friends have had the burgers and loved ’em, in addition to the crab cakes and the chicken salad sandwich. I don’t have enough space to describe everything on the ample menu, but these are things I’ve either enjoyed myself or to which I have borne witness. It’s definitely worth checking out this well-run eatery. See more photos of the food by scrolling through the gallery.

They are located in Milford (302-422-6763), Selbyville (302-436-6474) and Mulligan’s Pointe (where Sussex Pines CC used to be) (302-856-6283). They are closed on Sundays and Mondays, so give them a call just to make sure. Follow them of Facebook.

Click here for a look at the menu. (L., D.) Price range: Moderate -.


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  1. Virtual Private Server says:

    Known for our consistent, genuinely good-tasting home cooked favorites, Georgia House strives to be the community s first choice for a quality and relaxed dining experience.

  2. Carol says:

    Be it in Millsboro…Milford….or Selbyville….. I LOVE “THE GEORGIA HOUSE” The staff, the food, and yes, even the bathrooms, are second to none in Delaware!!!

  3. Walt1 says:

    We are from Bethlehem, PA and own a second home in Rehoboth. My wife and I have been going to the Georgia House for about 2 yrs now and have never had a disappointing meal there. Kentucky salad, buttermilk chicken, cornmeal shrimp and chicken fried steak are our favorites. Sides change by season and are some of the best I’ve ever eaten. Nice, clean restaurant with good service and good food.
    What’s not to like?

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