Georgia House CLOSED

/ Updated on June 14, 2019

The iconic Georgia House restaurants in downtown Millsboro, Selbyville and Milford have closed their doors.

I am in mourning for the fried chicken, their big, well-prepared salads and the properly constructed club sandwiches. And that bread basket. An end of an era.

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  1. Avatar Rebecca says:

    In a state of utter shock. And can’t believe we just found this out right now, because my son and I went to have dinner there and THEY AREN’T THERE ANYMORE! Been going to Georgia House in Milford since it opened over a decade ago. Traveling from Dover just to get that boneless friend chicken with that white gravy (you know the one), Miss Vicki’s meatloaf (second to none), Ribs and sweet potato casserole and creamed spinach (Omg it was a pairing for the ages), AND THE ONE THING WE ALWAYS ALL GOT AND IS ALL OF OUR FAVORITE-THE BEST CREAM OF CRAB SOUP I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE (PAIRED UP WITH THE SWEET POTATO BISCUITS IT WAS A HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE) -AND I GREW UP IN FT. LAUDERDALE AND SPENT A LOT OF TIME AT THE INNER HARBOR IN BALTIMORE, SO THAT IS SAYING A LOT. My children, family and I have had made many great memories there over the past decade. Like having our son and daughter’s graduation dinners and birthday dinners there, anniversary dinners, birthday lunches with my Mom and Dad. My Dad passed away just this past December. It was his favorite resturant. I’m heartbroken. Really upset. They were always packed and had a very loyal and devoted customer base. I can’t believe they’re closed. Actually crying.

  2. Avatar Royal Barnard says:

    I grew up in Vermont and have a 2nd home at Heritage Shores in Bridgeville. I only recently found Georgia House and now find it closed. I believe I had the best Southern meal ever there. I was going again today. I’m painfully disappointed.

  3. Avatar Jean klaus says:

    Very disappointed to find out about the unexpected unforeseen closing of the Milford Georgia house. We always enjoyed their delicious question now is in light of the sudden decision to close their restaurant what happens to our gift certificates. It would have been a courteous gesture on their part to let the public that they served all those years a little notice of their closing!

  4. Avatar Steve Barnard says:

    The Georgia House was a favorite of mine with excellent Chicken Parmigiana, Country Fried Steak, and creamed spinach as standouts. Millsboro is a bit of a food desert with a few fast food and strip shopping center eateries, and remains in need of good sit-down options.

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