Your specials list said a place was open until 8 in the Winter. We went and they were closed! WTF?

/ Updated on May 23, 2014

So what part of “ALWAYS CALL FIRST” don't you get? It's printed in at the top and the bottom of the specials list, plus warnings are scattered throughout the listings and review articles.

This is the beach. And they don't call it “slower lower Delaware” for nothing. If you live here or are a local, you understand what this means. If you are visiting or are new to the area, take the advice published (I'll say it again…) at the top of the off-season specials list and in virtually every review: CALL FIRST. That's why I provide the phone numbers in the list and in the reviews.

Don't send me a nasty email because you trotted yourself all the way to Millsboro — without calling the restaurant — to find out that jalapeno poppers weren't $2 anymore. I didn't take you to raise.

What would you like to do?