You told me you loved my restaurant, then you gave me 4.5 stars for food! WTF? Where’s my “5”?

/ Updated on May 23, 2014

Please read the Ratings and Standards page.

These are not grades like you get in school. Here at, 4.5 Stars is an excellent rating — only a few places (out of more than 200 rated so far) have received 4.5 stars or better. When a restaurant is close to perfect, I have no choice but to be thorough and downright picky, sometimes even visiting 4-5 times before coming up with a rating.

Perfection demands perfection, and I owe it to my visitors t be precise. When it comes to the difference between 4.5 and 5 stars, everything may be spot on. But one dish might be overly spiced, or not spiced enough — that might be worth a half point. At this point, little things can mean a lot, and complaints can be quite subjective. But lots of people come here to get my reviews and opinions, so I feel the pressure to leave no stone unturned.

Truth be told, 5 Star ratings are rare and they can disappear in an instant. But, as the Ratings and Standards section clearly states, a 4.5 star rating beats about 85% of the other restaurants reviewed. And well it should.

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