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Chaff/Wheat: Separated!

“I love your reviews. As a property owner since 1997, I always look for new and different restaurants in RB. You help separate the chaff from the wheat.”

-Bill L.

Stop – Look – Listen

“Your radio program is fabulous. So easy going and really funny. It should be on every day.

I stop what I'm doing at 3 on Saturday, listen to it on my computer and surf around looking at your website [RehobothFoodie.com] while I listen. You should be commended for providing such a great service to Delaware!”

Wise with Food

“You do a great job exposing the public to what is happening “food-wise” in and around the Rehoboth area!”

Lovin’ the ‘Letter

“Great newsletter!  Wow, it’ll take weeks to check out all these new places! Thanx for all you do!”

I Love This Lady…

“In case no one tells you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Rehoboth Foodie [digest].   I plan my weekends around your recommendations and suggestions. Thank you for filling this void.”

Husband has good taste…

“My husband absolutely loves your show!”

Great love…

“You do a GREAT job! Love your writing.”

How Much Is It…?

“I love your website, share your reviews, wisdom and now FB posts. How much is it to advertise my business on your page?”

-A busy Rehoboth Beach Realtor®

Mine Is For Real…

“First of all, thanks so much for what you do. I spend countless hours on your site and love reading your reviews. It's such a great reference for us locals! My question is about your favorite topic, gluten free (lol). I am one of the poor unfortunate souls that actually has Celiac Disease. I was wondering if you have encountered any local restaurants that offer a gluten-free pad thai? I am all of a sudden craving it as I have not had any since being diagnosed about 15 months ago and was wondering if you recall any options in the area that you have run across. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!”

-Holly in Gaithersburg

[I sent her to several places that I knew would accommodate her. -RF]

An Amazing Show…

“Your interview of Sam Calagione is one of the most amazing shows you have broadcast so far. We love Dogfish Head and because of your show we plan to stay at the Dogfish Inn this summer. We love to visit the brewery and hope to run into him there to tell him how much we enjoyed him on your radio show.”

-Jess & Will, Foodie Fans in Chadds Ford