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Home Run!

“Hi, absolute home run with the recent Neighborhood Chinese summary [in Cape Gazette column 8/14/15].  Incredibly helpful for those seeking a quick and everyday meal.  Thank you so much.”

—Foodie Fans Dick & Diana

Foodie Love in NYC

“Thank you very much! I love your reviews and they have guided us every time we’ve been to Lewes, Rehoboth and Bethany.

–A Foodie Fan in NYC

A Happy Foodie

“Thank you Rehoboth Foodie for your review of [La] Dolce Vita. I have lived here 3 years and never knew this place existed. I was looking for a new Italian restaurant, read your review and decided to check it out. I’ve now been there 3 times and each time the food has been delicious.”

A Wonderful Job…

Love your writing, reviews and comments-you do a wonderful job!”

–Amy, a Faithful Foodie Follower

Chaff/Wheat: Separated!

“I love your reviews. As a property owner since 1997, I always look for new and different restaurants in RB. You help separate the chaff from the wheat.”

-Bill L.

Stop – Look – Listen

“Your radio program is fabulous. So easy going and really funny. It should be on every day.

I stop what I’m doing at 3 on Saturday, listen to it on my computer and surf around looking at your website [RehobothFoodie.com] while I listen. You should be commended for providing such a great service to Delaware!”

Wise with Food

“You do a great job exposing the public to what is happening “food-wise” in and around the Rehoboth area!”

Lovin’ the ‘Letter

“Great newsletter!  Wow, it’ll take weeks to check out all these new places! Thanx for all you do!”

I Love This Lady…

“In case no one tells you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Rehoboth Foodie [digest].   I plan my weekends around your recommendations and suggestions. Thank you for filling this void.”

Husband has good taste…

“My husband absolutely loves your show!”