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Just Wanted to Thank You…

“Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation that we check out P0'Boys in Milton.  The four of us each enjoyed our meals very much and we dined for a pretty reasonable $100 on Friday night.  My buddy enjoyed the blackened catfish so much that he was still talking about it on Sunday afternoon.  Everything was great, the service was great, and the food was terrific.  Just wanted to let you know we all appreciated the help (from you and your website), and we will be sure to check it out again next time we are in the area.”

Matt — a Foodie Fan

I Wind Up Drooling…

“I really enjoy reading your column in the Cape Gazette each week.  Unfortunately I wind up drooling over the food descriptions and messing up the print, but it is worth it!”

From Noted Chef & Owner Justine Zegna

“Thank you Rehoboth Foodie! Your love and appreciation of restaurants, dining and what we do as Chefs make us all work a little harder and with that much more passion. Thank you for supporting us and recognizing what we love to do!”

Moved to tears…

“I was moved to tears by your first guest's description of his battle with cancer and how he gave up his restaurant. We loved Salt Air and still love it. We will listen to your show every week!”

From a radio show listener online…

“Into the second hour of the show. Good stuff! Both guests are great but Jonathan seems incredibly interesting. Good show Bob!”

A kind comment from my first guest on the radio show

“You are a natural.  You are a great host and made the broadcast a pleasure to tune into. I am certain every week will be entertaining and informative and I appreciate you inviting me to participate in your first broadcast. Actually, you'd be great as a host for a television cook/talk show.”

A damn destination!

“Thanks for this project, your blog, your app, etc. are fantastic. My wife and I come down with our two dogs for the Greyhounds Reach the Beach at Dewey every year, and we're the sort who would rather eat like a local on trips. We've tried Zogg's, Mariachi, Stoney Lonen, El Dorado, Woody's and a few other places I probably forgot thanks to your recommendations. We like to try a few new places each trip, and the only problem I have is deciding which one. I'd have to say, Rehoboth is a damn destination location for dining. Wonderful stuff. Thanks again.”

Keep It!

“I  love  your  new  format.  Keep it!”

A great idea…

“I think you took a great idea and ran with it!! Keep up the good work!”

Food Porn Forum…

“Thanks for your food porn forum … have been addicted for several years ;)”