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Just discovered your website and app on a tourism website. We love it! We also didn’t know that so much was going on in the fall and winter in Rehoboth, Lewes, etc. We were planning a trip to Florida, but we’re coming to the Delaware beaches instead. A lot closer, and the restaurants look a lot better! Thanks for this great service. Keep it up please!

–New Foodie Fans Aaron and Beth

Love the game…

“We live in Michigan. My family and I used to visit the Jersey Shore until we discovered your website RehobothFoodie. We liked the comment here on your site that another family posted about letting their kids pick restaurants from your site that they would then patronize. We did that a few weeks ago and had a great time. We visited Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Lewes and Milton. Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource. We have since purchased your travel app and now want to do this with the hotels/motels you have listed.”

-an out-of-town Foodie fan!

Your wonderful app…

“Since moving here I have relied on and recommended your app to many people. Just recently I updated the operating system on my iPhone 6S. Since the update, I only get a skeleton of the information on your wonderful app. What can I do to get it operating normally? Thank you.”

-A Rehoboth In My Pocket owner

[FYI – our app developer suggested that he uninstall and then reinstall the app into his updated OS. Everything is working perfectly now. -RF]

Keep up the good work!

“Just a note to say thanks for an always great addition to the Cape Gazette. You keep us locals in the continuous loop of restaurants comings and goings. Love your reviews and updates. Keep up the good work!”

-A faithful Cape Gazette reader

This one made my day…

“Bob ~ I just want to say ‘Thank You!’ for your amazingly continuous excellent work. Not only are your food reviews accurate and reliable, they’re as interesting as can be. We are very fortunate here in this area to have the many benefits your literary contributions provide for us, and that includes those in addition to your thorough and dependable food reviews. No need to reply….just keep on doing what you’re doing and know that there are many of us out here who truly appreciate you… unfortunately not all of us take a few moments to tell you so.”

–HWH, a Rehoboth Foodie Fan

I’m a local and use both…

“Love your site and app. I’m a local and use both quite often.”
–A very kind Foodie Follower

Your info was a lot more helpful…

“Dear Foodie……we spent 5 days in Rehoboth (10/11/15-10/16/15) and we used your reviews as our guide to good eating (OK, we also glanced at Trip Advisor, but your info was lots more helpful). We especially loved DiFebo’s (and told them we came because of your review). This was our 2nd annual RB trip during the Columbus Day weekend/week…..and we are hopeful that we can continue it for years to come. Many thanks, xoxo…”

-Judy, a Foodie Fan

Awesome Show!

“So thrilled to be able to advertise on Bob’s awesome show!”

-A kind sponsor of Sip & Bite with the Rehoboth Foodie on Delaware 105.9

We won’t hurt you…

“A group of us want to book the food tour, but we want you [to be the guide]. When are you giving the tour, what day.  (you should be so flattered, we wont hurt you, maybe just a few light bites, lol)”

Love the App!

“I just saw the new version in the Google Play Store for Android platform. Thanks! I really love your app and use it quite a lot being a part-time resident of RB when visitors come to town and we’re all like, ‘where should we go to eat?’ Love all your articles and reviews too. Keep up the great work!”