The Pines Acquires Aqua Grill

/ Updated on November 30, 2019

Partners Tyler Townsend, Bob Suppies and Kevin McDuffie have reached across Baltimore Avenue in downtown Rehoboth Beach to acquire the popular Aqua Grill from former owner Bill Shields. Aqua is known to locals and visitors – especially visitors from Washington, D.C. – for great outdoor partying in season. But the upbeat bar has never been known for exceptional food.

If our experience with Dane Wilfong's cooking at The Pines restaurant is any indication, that's soon to change. Keep an eye on for updates!

Congratulations, Tyler, Bob, new partner Kevin, & Dane!

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  1. Avatar Bob caputo says:

    After 4 visits food was consistently exceptional. Has become my favorite restaurant

  2. Avatar joel fradin says:

    Beware the “chicken and duck confit pot pie”. Its contents had the consistency of soup, not a pot pie. Very unappealing. Vanishingly small amount of chicken or duck. Also, the “house salad” is utterly artless, close to what you’d get in a diner. Other items, in particular the fried chicken for two with sweet potato salad and broccolini, can be quite excellent.

  3. Avatar Mark says:

    Agree the food was fine. Brunch was pretty good. And the food at The Pines has been inconsistent and perhaps overrated

  4. Avatar RICHARD D PAGNOTTA says:

    The food may not have been “exceptional”, but it was consistently good. I hope they keep a similar menu, and don’t try to go “upscale.”

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