Grove Market OPEN

/ May 14, 2022

The iconic Grove Market just west of Ocean City is OPEN for the season. They are under new ownership, but the new owners have a long relationship with the former owners, so very little has changed. NOTE that this is a rather unusual restaurant, with extremely limited seating. They make up for the somewhat scattered ambiance by making great food with a delightful service process.

They are currently open 5 – 9 Thursday thru Sunday, by reservation, of course! The place only has around 19 seats, so reservations are a MUST. Regulars know the drill. You call, leave your preferred date (I suggest a backup too) and they will call you shortly thereafter with the verdict. CALL 410-352-5055.

One of the new changes for this season is that they WILL be receiving walk-ins from 8:30pm, but do keep in mind the seating is limited. But trust me, it's all worth it. Check out the photos to see some of the fare under the new owners.

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